For Grade 3

I want to play in Grade 3 but when i open my game then it show a message ( you make 25 violation in past 12 month ) so please suggest me what happening with me
I want to play more higher level but it not helping me.

It means you have 25 violations in the last 12 months, you will be able to play in Grade 3 when you have 6 or below violations in the past week

Hello, our expert server requirements have recently changed. Please look at this post for details

Let us know if you have further questions :)

If you are wanting to play in expert, which you are wanting to. You would have to land twice as many violations you have. For an example, if you have 20 violations, you would have to land 40 times.

I just saw, I was incorrect. Its a 1:1 ratio.

Easy math.

For training server you need at least more landings than violations in the past 12 months. Got 43 violations? You need 44 landings.

For expert it is a higher ratio so you need double landings for every violation. Got 20 violations? You need 41 landings.

There are a lot of topics about this on the forum so I would suggest you spend some time reading the pinned posts.

However, to put it simply, stay below 250kt below 10,000ft and below 350kt above that altitude. You need to be careful to avoid over speeding the airframe as well, so check out the cruise speeds for different planes on Wikipedia and keep an eye on the red marker as your altitude changes. Generally speaking, the higher you go, the lower the allowable airspeed measured in knots.

Do not walk away from your device until in a stable cruise - it is very easy to overspeed during climb and descent if you don’t know what you’re doing all that much.

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