For Big Business

You are sick of traveling with commercial airlines and you want your space where you can relax or work ?
No, problem ! Traveling can be much more relaxing than you think :)

Hey everyone and welcome to this topic !
So as you have read there is another way of traveling that’s missing a bit in IF:
the private jets
I always liked these aircraft ✈️ You know sometimes you like other types of aircraft more. Like a week ago, I really enjoyed watching videos or reading texts about older planes (WW2) but now my priority are private jets again. I still like the old planes or commercial aircraft (the best) but yeah hope you understand me.
Now back to the topics name:
Just go to IF or LiveFlight and click on some planes … you won‘t see a Cessna Citation X flying around ! Ok maybe sometimes 1 flight of thousand others.
I just want a bit more attention for private traveling and the jets you need :)
It would be very cool to see some more of them !

Flight informationen

•Server: still solo
•Aircraft: CRJ 200
•Airport EDDK

Enjoy them :)

Welcome on board

Gear up


Cabin view (so nice to have a cabin)

Night life - work never ends

I hope you enjoyed them :)
And yes, I know the CRJ 200 is not a private jet and the cabin also doesn‘t look like a private jet cabin but I really tried my best !

Do you like private jets or would travel around with them ?

  • Yes, really like them
  • meh…
  • Nope, not really

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Happy flying 🐉


Nice shots! I like private jets, but I wouldn’t really like to fly on them all the time :)

Nice shots! Number 4 though is a little dark for me. Other than that, keep it up!

I’m in love with private/corporate. I’m actually planning when I’m older for now to go with the corporate side of aviation.

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You realize we have a Cessna Citation X in the game that cruises more than .15 M faster than the CRJ2 😂

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Ehhhhh… I mean the CCX is under-appreciated, that I agree with, but this would do ANVA a justice because the real ANA has a business jet subsidiary. We were going to include it before we opened, but no info about routes could be found. Plus, I’m sure ANA operates a few jets not in the game.

@anon24319801 I wouldn‘t fly them all the time, too but very often

@KindaTartySliceOfPie yeah I know, thanks though

@Asher Cool ! Thought also about it :)

@NoahM yeah we have a Citation and it really needs a rework, too + it needs more attention ✈️ a very cool plane but it shouldn‘t be the only private jet in IF

@thenewpilot Interesting