For ATC: Option to tell a plane to contact departure/approach after Go Around

They do this in the real world. Basically I’m saying is that when you are ATC directing a plane to go around, after telling them the traffic, you can instruct them to contact approach/departure frequency if there is any. An example would be:
“KLM 331, go around, make right traffic runway 24R, contact Los Angeles Approach on 109.85”. Once again, I know that’s not the real LAX APP frequency, just an example for this post.
You can hear in this video, the controller telling some planes to go around and then directing them to contact Approach.


ATC can already do this. There just has to be an active departure or approach controller online so they can switch you over.


I know that they can already switch you off to a different frequency of course, but I think for the go-around thing it should be in 1 command, as the ATC may be overloaded trying to deal with the situation that caused the go-around.

Post it here so the devs can see it:

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