For All Without a VA-Fun Way to Celebrate Global

Hi there IFC! Do you not have a VA assigning you flights? I have a fun way to use the Global update if you don’t. As we all know, there are 7 different continents with Hundreds of Thousands of airlines serving them. Each week-One airline from a continent gets picked- so you don’t have to choose an airline to fly. Plus, you can fly any routes. This is just for fun and is not an actual event, but you can participate by flying that airline’s routes that week. This is in no way affiliated with VAs.

I have set up Week 1, which starts on Monday, the 16th. Alaska Airlines is Week one’s airline.

Vote below if you think I have a good idea:

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Also, after week one there will be a poll overall, so you can vote if you not only like the idea but enjoyed flying as well.

Weekly Goal: Gain 6 hours of flight time, using 737 aircraft.

Tell us what you think in the comments below and in polls! More weeks are to come in the future. Weeks last Monday to Friday. Thank you for participating and reading this post.

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Post your Feedback here please! I want to hear the community’s opinion. We have a half and half poll right now. Hoping Global gets released for Android today… I’ll come fly!

This is an amazing idea.

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Thank you! Figured it was time to post and this idea popped into my head lol.

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Well, technically there is actually 8. Aside from that, pretty sweet idea!

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8th continent? Sorry my mind’s a little foggy its Saturday.

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Hah. It’s ok, not many people know it, it’s a fairly new continent called Zealandia it’s in the Pacific Ocean, by definition it is a continent, it’s also officially one


Oh… cool we only study 7 in school. I wonder if my SS teacher even knows what that is lol

40% say I have a great idea. Thank you very much, I appreciate your guys’ votes. Also, in the Google Play store Savage Infinite Flight just went from 10th top paid simulator to 8th top paid simulator in less than 12 hours. Fantastic work!

I’d be willing to do this! Maybe you could set weekly goals on how much time to fly and stuff!

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Very good recomendation! I might actually do that!

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Set a goal. Not very large, but if you have a tight schedule, you can surely do a few hours.

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En route from KSEA to KSAN! Mount Rainer and Mt Saint Helen looked beautiful back at Seattle. Sooo raged at the lag, I literally have been stuck in it for 5 minutes lol

Week 2 is on Monday! Anyone’s advice: New topic or add on to this one?

No need for a new topic IMO

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