For all the recuiters

If you Need an pilot to fly pattern I want to do that. I am in test fase to be an advance ATC and all the recuiters say that they don’t have much time so I want to help

come do T&G at KASE im ATC :)

I come in a Boeing 737-BBJ

First I most ask for you cleard me for take off

:) no traffic

But then you can say make left or richt traffic

And Pls use 1 Side of the runway for take off and landing pls

Left Traffic :)

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I Saïd landing

it dosent matter, that why its called option

It is nicer to say landing for landing and touch and go for touch and go

dylan u landing too fast

chief right downwind runway 15 , PK-FLS

Yes I know but there was an cat on my knies

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A bit difficille for me

If all the recuiters have read this then you can close this topic

Did you take test yesterday ?

you ask me tom ?? im not john busy yesterday @Tom_Grollman

i was asking Dylan , name looked familiar

ahh okay tom , i still waiting john preston for test