For all people, who want planes for free...

Hello guys,

I ha just realized something, there is a lot of people who ask planes for free…

I know there is some people who have under 14-15 years old, and they couldn’t pay a plane…

Or parents didn’t agree… We all know this situation one day of our life.

But we have to look a little from another position. We are actually in the position of = “customer”

But if we took a plane (LoL) and we fly directly to the devloppers, yes the developers…

First look on Matt’s Instagram profile :


He wrote : “Coding a flight simulator for a living


What’s the meaning ?

It mean that they live with the money that he earn by his flight simulator.

But how did he earn this money ?

By us ! But how ?
If we speak only about Live subscription not about other planes… (I know they earn money from other sides, as Planes or year subscription…)

We are actually 10’000 members on the community, if each user have one subscription (of a month) by year = 5$, devs are going to earn on one year :

It’s too much !!!

No, it’s sadly not too much because on a year, there is 12 month.

So, 50’000/12 = 4166.6$

4166$ by month !!!

They don’t have 4166$ on their pockets, no ! They have some invoices…

They have to pay :

  • Apple (99$ by year)
  • Discourse (This community isn’t free…)
  • Servers (When we play lives, we play online)
  • Android (~25$)
  • Website domain (A website with his own domain isn’t free)
  • The team Yeahhh IF (=Infinite Flight) There isn’t only Matt, there is Matt and their collegues…

[I don’t know how it’s organized, and I don’t have to know]

And they have a life, they need to pay taxes, their houses and food and drinks…!!!


So, did you thing that finally they have a lot of money, did you thing that they earn as FSX or Flight Gear ?

~ Personally I think not…


We need to be comprehensive and to understand why they couldn’t give all planes for free…

I’m pretty sure that if they can, IF could be free at 100% !

Thank you for your time, and before asking something, think !

I don’t want to put a bad atmosphere or to criticize people, I just need that people understand why…


Sorry for my horrible English, and hope that this topic are going to please you ;-)



Feel free to correct my English mistakes


No I think it’s fine. It’s the point that matters


So their gonna charge you for,aircrafts with little liveries like the a318

And bad controls like the a340

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The a340 is a 3 year old plane that hasn’t been updated since. The devs are busy working on reworking the 777 so the a340 rework will come eventually

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That’s old airplanes, that will hopefully eventually get updated physics, but don’t we want Matt and the developer team to focus more on like global flight and other things then that?


@boeing380 A340 are in the first of IF an awesome airplane, I remember the first time when I play IF, there is no clearly airports… Planes aren’t with a high resolution as today… And when I see the A340 for its first time, it was like the most perfect plane on IF today, actually the A320 Family!

And now they just have to refreshed the plane, nothing else !


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Don’t you think I know that. This is what I mean with all these regulars bashing you

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@boeing380 The regulars aren’t “bashing” you, they just trying to help you. We all do mistakes… Two weeks ago I moved a topic to the wrong place and a mods have suspended my title… And I was regular when I do mistakes…

If you have a problem with a person, PM them, and try to find a solution with him, and If you can’t add a mods to the discussion…

But you need to be polite, If you came and you didn’t speak good, the regular person aren’t going to Hear you. Perhaps the regular person are going to flag you, and you’re going to be suspended…

So try to talk slowly with a lot of polytheism ;-)


I have to say that this game is fine. The fact they are pricing the planes and regions it’s because that money is used to continue to develop more projects (nope, they’re not free). If you don’t want to pay for a plane, just don’t do it. The problem it’s not the game itself, the problem is that some people (to make clear, I’m not trying to insult) doesn’t comprehend that this is Matt’s job, as well for the rest of the developers.


I’m actually fine with the region prices but some of the plane prices are just bull

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What is your recommend price of planes.

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Those will be reworked, don’t get all worked up over it

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All of the Commericial and freight planes are fine… Other planes need to be tuned down to a lower price than $4. A318 and Cessna citation needs to be tuned down

Here it is with the choices thing. @boeing380 These are choices that you can make on your own. Nobody is forcing you to pay for the planes. IF Has free planes available. Nobody is forcing you to be on this community, nobody is forcing you to play IF, but yet you are complaining.


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The solution is to get a job or ask for a iTunes or Google play card. Simple. Don’t have money? Then why did you pay $5 for IF in the first place?


Have you ever heard of curiosity, the game is fine, is just this community…

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