For all 77W lovers

Hello everyone! I found a lot of EVA Air 777-300ER photos in my album, so I decide to share with you guys.
She is also my favorite livery to use in IF 🤜

B-16715 (Star Alliance livery)

I met her twice!




Taken at TPE, home base of EVA Air

Hope you enjoyed these photo, even though you are not a 777 lover😉


First two pictures look like Hong Kong, reasonably recently too! Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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You are right!

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I would be embarrassed if I was wrong given I used to work there XD


I’m a love of the 777, 787, A320, A321, A220 @AvioesEJogos A330, A350 and much more

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Overall, nice pictures.

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777 is my top 1 :D

Thank you :)

Here’s something for you.


Absolutely gorgeous

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I have a 77W catch but it’s on my iPad so I’ll share it when I’m home

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