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With the new update to IF-Assistant, does anyone else have the problem where they start to say “the flights attendants will be passing around hot or cold drinks, as well as a snack” like 15 feet before you get to cruise, and you still have the seatbelt signs on? I love the update, but this is kinda annoying, any thoughts?

Its pretty common for flight attendants to serve beverages and snacks when the seat belt sign is on.
They also tend to serve them during turbelance too. So im guessing epaga wanted as much realism as possible.

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The normal flight altitude will vary often. I think looking at something as small as 15 feet is pretty minor.


MaxSez: 15 Feet Ha. That about 10 seconds before level at clime speed. Seat belts off when conditions permit. I drank a lot of booze with my seat belt on and went to the Lav. Fly commercial much scribbler?
G’day Max


Seatbelt signs dont stay on right up to cruise mate, like @Maxmustang and @Chris_S have said 15 feet is bugger all and the wonderful cabin crew are up and about much earlier than passengers.

Instead of comaining about something like this, why dont you provide a constructive addition or element that would improve your experience with the App?

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They haven’t released a update to apple, are you on Android?

As I’m an FA we normally make an announcement about food and drinks 10 seconds after the landing gear goes up so people have a chance to have a look in the brochure etc :)


I assume Ryanair would start the announcement once captain set the throttle up :) . time to empty their wallets ;)


Well you should turn off the seatbelt sign during climb, you know that right?

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