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That’s weird, must be a tag which is still open.

I know, but the <strong>, <b> tag has the same function as <h1> but I agree with you.


Ah thanks Chris, sorry about this I’m not the greatest with this forum’s formatting.

So now when I go back and edit everything should be the same or will it go back?


If you do something like

<div align=center>some text

- bullet
- bullet


It will most likely get confused with the formatting

It is best to close the tag before you confuse it with additional formatting elements.

<div align=center>some text</div>

- bullet
- bullet



Yep alright, this makes more sense to me. Thanks for doing me a big favor.


No worries, we are here to help.

See I’m not strict…


“hi” this is what makes it big?

Yes got it
Edit: I didn't , can someone send me a format for this.


You can format it like this:
<h1>text</h1> or like this #text


How do I centre it?


<div align=center>
It will give you this:


Don't forget to close your 'tag' using

</div align=center>