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Hey can someone show me how to get rid of how big this font size is. In the editor it looks normal but when I posted my event it went to this. Maybe regulars can help out and edit the topic?

Could someone help me out?


Do you have an extra “-” or “=” at the bottom?

That’s what makes text big :)

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I doesn’t appear so, at the very bottom?

But wouldn’t say in the topic editor that the text is big? It’s normal in my picture

Possibly a moderator could make it a wiki so we could help, bit difficult when we can’t see the raw post.


I had the same problem, are you using <strong> and <b> or <h1>?

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I’m pretty sure I’m not, I looked like 5 times through the whole topic and didn’t see anything like that.

I’ve sent you a PM

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Sometimes forgetting just one / could do that.

Ah alright, I’ll take another peek

I’m sending you a PM with the revised version.

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This is due to you not closing your center tags. You need the to make everything tidy for the formatting.

The entire thing should not be centered in my opinion.

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Alright than you, and thanks for the constructive criticism.

The forum is not like a normal HTML page. While it may work that you can center at the beginning and end, the formatting in the middle may get lost. If you want to center something with formatting it is best to close it for each section you are centering.

Oh alright, thanks

@Chris_S, it’s not about the center tags, it must be a <h1> tag or <strong><b> tag. That will make it big.

There are none of those in the post. Again, the forum does not accept every html tag nicely.

Alright now I’m not really understanding, what do I need to add in the editor? Like ( or ), <?

All that was wrong was he forgot to leave a space after <div align=center>

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I made an update, there was an extra div tag in there.

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