"FollowMe" on Advanced Server no longer authorized

Information regarding “FollowMe” on live:

“FollowMe” aircraft will no longer be allowed to operate on the Advanced Server.

This has caused a great deal of confusion for controllers, as this is not realistic and many “FollowMe” users are blocking taxiways, exits, etc. To maintain a realistic and professional environment, this will no longer be allowed and users are subject to ghost on the Advanced Server. Thank you!


What is follow me? First time I am hearing this

It’s a few topics down on the home page, you will see it. It’s nothing anymore :) great idea, just not being executed correctly I think.

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Oh right ok, thanks :)

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It means do not pretend to be a “follow car” with an airplane.


Thank you! I get it now :D

Well glad I got directions once from Follow Me. In advanced LHR about at the same time this was posted.

Thank you follow!


Thank you. I found these a problem more than being helpful. I didn’t want to ghost because they weren’t breaking rules but now they are. So thank you Tyler!