Following Freecam

Why It Should be Implemented:

Using the current freecam, it is quite hard to follow your plane as it moves in the air, because the vertical and horizontal movements drift your freecam away from getting a clear shot of the plane. It is also sometimes impossible to capture certain angles using the current freecam. This idea of a following freecam solves that. It also allows for a wider range of angles you can capture mid-air, without that annoying UI that you have to crop out while using the current freecam. For filmmakers, it allows for more panning angles/stationary shots that wouldn’t be possible using the current freecam in the context of air to air. Although these kinds of shots can be obtained using solo mode, I’m talking about those people that fly in IF Pro.

How it Works:

The follow freecam works exactly like the normal freecam but with one exception: It follows your plane.

For Example:

You could take something like this…

…While flying in Live

But the whole point of freecam is that you don’t need to follow your plane and you can explore everything, to get cameras that follow the plane you can use the normal mode

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I’ve always wanted this to happen! (Probably only so I could make my own first officer view)

Great request!

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This would be cool to have, but would there be an option to toggle between normal free cam and following free cam?

Yes. I don’t want to replace the current freecam.

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Hi there, this is a duplicate of my request. Please feel free to vote there!


Yes, Normal mode. Cinematic mode too, but I’m just looking for more stuff to do with cameras 👍🏻