Following flow of traffic

When ATC is not present, how should you follow the traffic flow?

  • Consider CYYZ. If someone is on 5, can you set up for 24L (opposite runway on the other side)? Can you set up for 13R (intersecting runway, right traffic to avoid cutting through final for 5)?
  • Consider any single runway airport. What should you do if someone is doing patterns in a tailwind that you cannot accept due to a short runway?

They should be reporting on unicom. That should give you indication on runway in use.

I’m more wondering if there are any hard rules for following the flow of traffic rather than just observing.

There are no rules against it when empty but doing your own thing will irritate others if you are landing opposite others. On the expert server this may result in a violation if observed.

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Can I reraise this question
In that case, I would hold (or just do 180s over a VOR or something. Wait 5-10 minutes, if they don’t stop going in that direction, I would divert, if you are really thinking it won’t be a safe landing.

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