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Hey everyone!

Have you joined the convo on Instagram yet? Follow us for all the teasers and the best community screenshots!

See you in the cloud!


Keep up the good work allol!

Seems like given recent events it isn’t a bad time to get those notifications…


Wait… Do you mean the with 700+ comments? Where about 200 of them are asking for the A350, A330 Rework, The Concord, 3D Buildings, Helicopters, or Live Weather??

Yeah I’m in that convo.

Great work boys!


I literally just made an Insta a few hours ago and immediately followed IF. 😏


How do y’all put up with the constant beggars wanting a350, 3D buildings etc. Y’all have thick skin!

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Already a part of it!

I want to imagine that they have already given up trying to put up with them

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We love all of our users 😉


we love all our users



I’ve been following for 2 years so 🤷‍♂️

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Same here! We are loyal users 😄

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Do you take feature request though there? No? Exactly.

Please, if you are one of those people… Stop doing it XD


They never learn to stop asking. These are the same types of people who complain about ghostings and the sim being too expensive. I still can’t imagine how they feel when 90% of there posts are

When is the TBM being released?
Plz add a350
Make live free
Add insert livery
Why was I ghosted?!!!
Nobody wants TBM add a350!!!

It honestly makes me so angry seeing these kinds of replies. No one is ever grateful 🙄


Great work! Keep it up.

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Of course I’m following! Yet every time a TBM teaser is posted, I get even more infuriated that I can’t fly it! Please have mercyyyyyy ;)

I don’t understand why they don’t just delete the comments that don’t listen to their rules. It’s teall annoying for me and a lot of people trying to tell then and then they respond saying the exact same thing.

I agree, I get pretty irritated when I see those comments and same with a lot of people, but it’s pretty hard to not see those posts so I just ignore them 🤷‍♂️

Not saying that the moderators don’t keep on top of them, I’m sure they delete as many as they can

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