Follow through with the holding pattern

Some of the recent behavior seen on the expert is terrible and I’m sorry to say it. Mostly because of the new holding pattern command. I personally love this command and it helps make my approach life so much easier.

What I’m getting at here is that aircraft must follow through with a holding pattern, we understand that you don’t like it… Blah blah blah but for the controller it messes up everything if you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you do or you don’t, it may add a minute or two onto your flight but it’s important that you follow the instructions of the controller.

  • The behavior towards holding patterns is addressed to both training server and expert. If you fly expert you should understand these things, if your not sure contact an IFATC and they will assist you with understanding some commands.

Or even better watch this helpful tutorial.

Now to those players who do understand the command I think it’s to to pull your head and just follow it, think of what your doing for the controller :) Especially on expert.

If you reply to us:

  • Stand by, stand by
  • or just don’t acklowedge

Than its disobedience, as I said before if you don’t know what it is watch the tutorials or contact ATC.

The holding pattern will only appear after you acklowedge the instruction

Sorry but I had to get this out, in summary it’s fair to just say; pilots please help out the controller and follow through with a holding pattern.

Regards Oli H


I haven’t been in a holding pattern yet.😕 (Sad face cause I want to see what it’s like!)


It’s just an oval (like a NASCAR race track)

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You go in an oval and not go anywhere. Not exciting, but very useful for approach control. You also get this cool oval drawn on your map.

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It is an oval. When I didn’t get it and I wished to get one, I got 7 when landing ;)

That’s what I want to see

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Havent gotten one yet but I really want one. :)

It would be nice if the Autopilot had a holding function… although that dives into the FMC part of the System. To be fair today i was asked to do a 360 but then a hold pattern showed up on my Map… which should i do?

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Which server?

This has happened to me too.

I noticed this sort of behavior from the pilots on Expert

@ElCapitan @Nicholas_L what server and region is this happening?

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This happened as I was approaching PHNL on expert yesterday.

Well said I can’t believe it’s taken this long! I’ve seen pilots utterly ignore holding patterns and just keep flying. This needed to be addressed. Hat off to you

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Expert Server KORD Chicago Region.

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