Follow my 7 hour flight (Complete)

To go where no non dev has gone before. I am attempting an 8 hour 3000nm flight around the Chicago region. YOu can follow along here

I attempted one last week but I lagged out. This time I’ve turned all visual settings on low. Lets see how it will go this time.


Wow. One long fpl lol.


I had to make it 3 times because of the add vector button versus create new FPL button. You’d think they would have the safety net for long FPL but they dont. I also had an error with live flight while in the air and had to redo it.


SO far my requirements for my set up are a charger, laptop with live flight, steady wifi, a fan to keep my device cool while charging and running, and my iPhone 5s

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If this goes successfully without lagging out you device maybe qualified for Trans-Atlantic routes.

I cleared RAM before the flight and made sure Anti Aliasing is disabled. The graphics are terrible but not necessary until landing. Last week I attempted and got only 300nm before my I hit lag due to an over used wifi (house party) and my device overheating.

Good luck and safe flight ^^

Wonderful news! Even with minor lag Live Flight was able to make AutoNav inputs. Does not look like having minor network issues should get in the way of AutoNav working on a flight.

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I’m doing a 3,300nmi flight around Hawaii right now on casual. Should take around 4hrs.

Gonna check on it in a bit. Hope AutoNAV didn’t crash.

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What server? And 3300nmi in 4 hours? Are you using a fighter?

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CCX. M1.35/210 IAS/FL600.

Update: 2 1/2 hours complete with 1000nmi traveled. Estimated flight time remaining-4:20


What’s your flight #?

I’ll be attempting another long haul flight tonight as well. Not sure which region yet.

How long? Never realized just how long this flight would be. I’m doing nothing but the forum and LiveFlight on my laptop and nothing but IF on my phone to make sure I maintain wifi speeds.

can’t find you on liveflightapp

I’ve been lagging in an out for the Live Flight tracker. Connect still works but in the last hour I’ve been on and off for it.

Here’s an updated link

0100Z-0500Z if I can last that long.

I may join in. 4 hours wont be as taxing on my wifi as this 7 hour flight.

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I will be joining you my friend

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