Follow me camera

This would be a good tool for taking screen shots and different angles when flying .let me explain it well imagine going to the free cam view in the sky instead of the plane leaving you you can follow it and look around it in a still spot . I saw this when I was trying out xplane 11 demo .

Sound like a good idea!! I woild vote but out of votes :(

I think this might actually happen is seems easy to do but thanks for the support tho

Hmm, this sounds like a really good idea! Unfortunately, I am out of votes.

But good luck though!

Also, be sure to vote for your own request.

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Oh. Yes. I would need this desperately as of now.


Thank you i saw it in xplane is really nice

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Lol i think this might be a thing

I can relate I need more moon shots

Yes, and also many new angle possibilities for my films


Doesn’t this already exist?

You mean locked cam. Let make it simple for you imagine using free cam on the ground but instead in the sky

Doesn’t free cam still work in the sky?

Go to YouTube type Chase plane p3d and see what am talking about

can you go to this view in the sky in this sim

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Oh, I see, so it follows the plane at the exact same location on the plane even as it turns.

Yep exactly imagine how cool the wing views will look

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Sorry to be the party pooper but this has been requested already:

Make sure you vote on this one 👆

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