“ Follow instructions” on TS

Today I was controlling at KLAX on TS and nobody followed ATC instructions. ( why i love expert lol). I just wanted to know if there was a “ follow instructions” like ES. Yes, I know that people don’t really follow instructions on TS but I wanted to know.


Sadly not. I wish TS had “im gonna go ahead and ignore you” lol


Lol, thanks though!

We do have a “please follow instructions” and a “please follow instructions or you will be ghosted” command on ES, but no such thing on TS. You’ll just have to hope that whoever comes into your airspace will follow your instructions.


I know, but what I was asking was if it was on TS ATC as well, thanks though.

Although it would be real fun to control the volume that KLAX gets on TS! Sometimes late at night (in north america) the majority does somewhat listen.

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On TS, a similar message is sent when you tell them don’t follow their flight plan. It says something like: Expect deviation from flight plan, please listen to ATC instructions. There’s also a similar message with the Event ATC message on TS.

I wouldn’t bother with KLAX if you want to learn ATC. Most of what you get there is NORDO pilots and trolls flying at Mach 1 in fighter jets directly overhead.


On TS a tower controller told me “disregard flight plan, follow ATC instructions”

When I used to control on TS, I used the broadcast message “Attention all aircraft, please check current airport restrictions, NOTAM’s will be enforced by ghosting” when people weren’t listening. As soon as they heard “ghosting” they said “I’m sorry” and followed my instructions correctly.
It works most of the time if you want to try it out


What are that

I think this should be a feature for TSATC


Some airports like EGLC, have a size restriction so no bigger than an A318 flys there
Or even VNLK, only GA aircraft

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Its available for everyone on TS

They problem there is that it will be easily abused. I think people need to be certified to have these commands

It’s only a scare command. You can’t get ghosted by ATC in TS.

Well yea, thats what IFATC is for. Don’t expect TS controllers or organizations to ever have the same level of privlages.

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Hey there plane geek I’m close to you

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What time did you control @Delta07 I think you where my atc

If you are serious about controlling on TS, and why not it’s fun, then I would suggest avoiding the “big Hub’ airports of LAX, JFK and LHR as this is where all the new pilots on TS flock to either don’t understand how to interact with ATC or just don’t care…

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Don’t you mean approach who told you that?