“Follow instruction” message

Where can I find the message that says “follow instructions…” or it was removed of Training Server’s ATC?


This function was removed on TS ATC to interupt inproper usage of this command


true when I’m in training and I see someone who does not follow my instructions do not see the option to say “please follow the instructions the atc” there is a similar one that is “please stop following the flight plan and follow the instructions of atc”

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Adding on to Lars, have a look here. DeerCrusher answers your question :

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I think the removal likely made sense, as it isn’t hard to imagine overzealous use leading to very negative unintended consequences.

DeerCrusher mentions reaching out to pilots on IFC as a potential alternative. Speaking from experience that can be a bit difficult if the frequency is busy or the IF display name doesn’t match the IFC account name for some reason (I’m guilty of this myself)

What do people think about adding an ability to log pilot and/or ATC names so that they are displayed with or after the summary page when you end a flight / session?

In an ATC scenario I am imagining another option below all the commands that says “Log this user to contact later via IFC”, and perhaps a dropdown of potential reasons you wanted to reach out to them (e.g. Pushback Clearance, Taxi Clearance, Takeoff Clearance, Pattern Instructions, etc.)

As a pilot there could be a similar menu so you can reach follow up with an ATC frequency, and perhaps an automatic log if you are ghosted (this might exist, fortunately have never had the experience).

Interested to hear people’s thoughts. If there is interest I could translate this into a formal Feature request if it doesn’t exist already.


It’s called a screenshot. I take one everytime I ghost someone should an issue arise.


Agree that is a solid and logical workaround, and hopefully many other are doing the same. I do see three primary advantages of a more formal solution though:

1) Incentives people to act: the presence of a button / feature may encourage more people to do it vs. needing to discover the workaround on their own. It also lowers the mental barrier from “I’ll only do it if it was ghost worthy” to “I can follow up with this person because it was close to perfect”.
2) Less reliant on recall: I can envision a scenario where you have a screenshot but can’t remember why you took it, and thus are unable to provide the feedback
3) Generates valuable data: If you implement a feature like this you can potentially capture valuable data (e.g. what types of issues are most common, which unique or types of users are struggling the most, etc.). This is likely a longer-term benefit, but could be very useful in refining grade requirements, training materials, etc.

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a feature request shud definitely be made

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Ask, and you shall receive: IF & IFC Integration to enhance the user experience

Hopefully this is consistent with what you would have expected

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