Follow free cam a solution to window camera views

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I feel like this topic needs more attention it hasn’t been active since late 2016 this was before the vote feature came

Basically this feature allows you to use the free camera but the camera is moving at the same speed of the plane. This would help developers a lot because they wouldn’t have to make extra camera views except for the basic ones we have now. You would be able to have the camera at the wing looking like it’s a view from the window. To see a basic idea of what this would look like go on solo, when flying press the replay button, pause the replay and go to the free camera. Here are a few screenshots

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What’s the difference between this and views like tail and chase cam(s)?


Basically you can pick what window of the plane to be at

This would be nice! How did you create that second picture?

When on solo go on the replay and press pause on the free camera and you can move around it’s good for pictures

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Do you think you can pick one photo that would accurately represent your #features request?


That would be so cool . Especially with the customised wing views

Did you read the beginning of my post? It’s an old post that I think needs a lot more attention

I would love this! You have my vote

Did you read the link I included in my post?


Do the rules say “Only 1 photo per request, however if you are SPB2727_Skyteam and have something you think needs more attention, you can use as many pictures as you wish”? Nope. As much as I like this idea you don’t have a special pass.


I’ll help you out if its too hard to click a link:

  • No more than 1 picture per feature request (preferably in the initial post)

It specifically says this. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Thanks. 😉