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Hey, is there a way to make the plane automatically follow the generated flight plan from simbrief? I like doing long haul flights where I can take off in the morning, go to work and come home and land at the end of the day. I can do that only when I make a flight plan where I just click on waypoints and VORs that are really far apart on the actually map on the app and just press NAV. But I was wondering if the plane would automatically follow like the step climb thing that I generated on the other app, simbrief and the cruise speed and altitude and all the other stuff that’s generated. Thanks!

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No you have to personally climb the aircraft there is no way to personal have it climb

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No, your aircraft cannot auto-step climb your aircraft. You have to manually set your Cruising altitude and wait until your aircraft hits cruising altitude. Yes, LNAV follows the waypoints you’ve manually set, but you have to manually climb your aircraft to cruising altitude. Hope this helps! :)

Theres an app for that

If you use IFA you can program step climbs.

Just set it and forget it!

Not responsible for any violations incurred

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Seriously I never knew that good to know thanks

Also if you have a computer, I’m sure that LiveFlight also has a VNAV function with it too :)

Wait, what’s it stand for? I’m gonna use that lmfao.

How do you do that? What app?

The app is called Infinite Flight Assitant! Its great for ascent, but I’d beg to differ on the descent… dropped me down at -5000 before - just be careful when setting the atlitude, It goes waypoint to waypoint so if you want to be 10000 at one waypoint and 1000ft at another waypoint in 10nm… that’ll send you into a nose dive.

Yeah I don’t use it for climbs or descents. I simply program in the step climbs along the route. Every other speed or altitude change is done manually. Helps avoid those pesky violations

If you’re super serious, get LiveFlight connect on your PC. It links to your phone/tablet and has super intelligent climb and descend stuff.

Is the NAV/Flight Plan mode only for the Windows app, or is that feature on the Mac one as well?

No idea sorry. If you have a look in #thirdparty there may be something there.

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NAV/FPL for LiveFlight is exclusive to windows.

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Hey thanks a bunch! How do I know when to climb to my next altitude and what the VS should be? And how do I keep the plane from bobbing up and down like it usually does lol

What is your cruising speed? If that is too fast, it will bob up and down. Check SIDS and STARS for altitude restrictions, etc…

Usually I would climb at 2500, then to 1500, then to 1000 never above 4000 or you’ll end up stalling.

So if you make your flight plan in SimBreif, it will give you your initial altitude plus the location for your step climbs. Then, if you convert your flight plan in the IF Converter, it gives a beautiful readout letting you know exactly when the step climbs are to occur. Easier to read than SimBreif and tailored just for IF

Can Infinite Flight read a flight plan directly from SimBrief?

  • No but you can either type your plan in or use to copy and paste it into your IF plan.

What about following the plan?

  • Infinite Flight has NAV move which will let your plane follow the flight plan and turn where needed. It will NOT automatically climb or descend.

Step Climbing?

  • IF will not automatically step climb. If you would like for the sim to step climb then you need a third party app such as Infinite Flight Assistant (mobile) or use Live Flight Connect (windows)

SimBrief is not perfect. It has some crazy altitude steps resulting in some unrealistic vertical speed.

If you are looking for something more automated maybe you should look into ForeFlight? But it is pricey and more advanced…

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