Follow Departure Frequency's Instructions?

I was just landing into KSAN and the Departure frequency was issuing me flight level and heading commands. Should I have followed the instructions or should I follow them? I know the commands are issued for safety, but on a technical level, was I supposed to follow the commands? At the time, there was no Approach controller. (TS1)

Yes. You are always supposed to.

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Sometimes a departure frequency is used in lieu of approach. This could mean there was approach open and they closed or departure is just helping out the airport as they get busier.

Follow their instructions and you can’t go wrong! :)


The problem is that on TS1 sometimes they vector me off my FPL. I’m not sure if it is a legit vector, with a real reason or is it a troll.

They always vector you off your FPL, even in Expert. Radar instructions have priority over your flightplan.


Your flight plan is not golden. If you get vectored off just do it.

Remember anyone can controll on TS1

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On Expert I would follow immediately, but on TS, I don’t know is it legit.

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As a general rule you should always follow the vectors from ATC, even if they divert you from your FPL. If they’re about to have you crash into terrain you should make the adjustments to avoid that, then try to PM them to discuss the issue. Even on TS1 you should follow instructions unless unsafe to do so. On expert there’s much more accountability amongst the controllers.

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Looking forward to be able to fly in Expert, but that will be in 20,000 XPs time.

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Wish departure was available/open at more airports

I wish we could tell ATC which STAR and Approach we were using so they’d let us follow it.

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Even when you are given or have selected a STAR you would still typically get vectored and be given speed instructions both in the real world and in IF.

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