Follow Car? [No longer allowed on ADV]

Much People already saw followcar.
It is a Cessna 208 DHL lieverie and his name is followmetoyourgate.

Why there is a followcar?

  1. People go to the Right gate for the Right plane it isn’t like an A380 Goes to a A320 gate.
  2. There was yesterday really low visibility the most planes don’t know how to taxi to ANY gate so followcar was really handy.
    3.nice for the controller the followcar always Will that there don’t come planes face to face at on taxiway.
  3. If you are on a big airport and it is difficult to taxi you only have to follow the followcar, he knows to taxi because he has an airport diagram by his side.
  4. It is funny and the controllers likes it.

Important: you don’t have to follow him it is only if you want!
He always need permission to give this service on his airport by the controller.

If you have any quastions reply it then, if you have feedback PM me then


It’s an excellent idea. I’ve had your service before and it’s exquisite, not only do you guide but you avoid any collisions on the ground as well.


I had this services provided by followcar at kpdx yesterday,I was controlling on advance and he was guiding landed planes to their respective gates,I think it’s an excellent idea and great service provided by this followcar,amazing ground services guiding planes to park at proper gates especially when the visibility gets very low.great job followcar.thumbs up to you.

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Nice! I’ll have to follow you sometime.

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The folowcar is mostly active on advance server

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Follow car, sounds like a great idea behind it. When does FOLLOWCAR - followmetoyourgate come on?

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No idea the pilot of.the follow car is now controlling on advance server KSAE

I know you’re controlling on advanced

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Okay Nice!

I usually check my gate number in the web (since I simulate real world flights in IF), look where it is in Solo, and finally taxi to it in Live after completing my flight.

Okay Nice then you don’t taxi wrong
The most people don’t do that

The callsign is now followme

And the followcar is active on KPUB and later on the zello event

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In can’t see you at KPUB??

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I am active on KPUB for a while now

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I am confused

i was the tower at sint maarten when he was on :)

Would be a good idea to have a follow me car. I have had expierence with this before 😏

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For everyone that want to know followcar
Is active on KNXX PG