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People not following ATC instructions on the training server.

I under stand its the training server but it help us out when you listen to or instructions we have our reasons why. We also take into account aircraft size so we know if you airplane is to large for the runway so we will not have you go to it. Thanks for understanding and hope this will make IF a little more realistic on the training server.


Sorry to hear that. And I agree for that

But Training Server is JUST FOR TRAINING

So T Server is For Practicing ATC Skills With pilots.

But There are a lot if Trolls in LHR, LAX.

If you want to Control in Expert Server, Join our Team !


Hey there!

Sorry about your experience on TS, unfortunately that is what happens, if you want a realistic experience, I would suggest ES, if you aren’t there yet, just continue to fly, and make your way up to ES.

Once again, there isn’t many things that can be done on TS so it could be for realistic.

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Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t familiar with ATC, and do not know how to reply.

Airports such as LAX and LHR tend to have lots of trolls, so if you want better pilots, you can start a tracking thread.


I totally understand stand this is what happens it may help just a little and though it would be nice to refresh this though in everyones mind.

I am trying to get to the min requirement and then I will totally join can’t wait

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Yes, this issue happens a lot just because people have flight plans that they want to follow. But just like what @IF787 has said, you can feel free to create a tracking thread for ATC.

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Should note that the new IFATC system basically means you have to fly on training if you don’t want ATC and people doing aerobatics.

Make a tracking thread at a small airport if you want to actually practice ATC.

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