Follow ATC instructions or you will be ghosted

There where wind gusts up to 60 knots today in Erfurt and I wanted to try it out with the 747 and with the C172. The result with the Cessna can be seen here :)

Btw it was on the solo server :)


Umm for one I have never seen a walk to parking option and for two I have never seen another option to say go around there is some FOD on the runway and for three how did you manage to land your plane upside down


It’s because he changed it, and 2 it happens.


“Request walking to parking”

wow…just wow


Yes you see a Cessna has legs like a human it can know get up and walk

For one,two,three: It’s just a joke .There are no such commands for ATC.


I figured but I like that Boeing a380 in your picture and I like that crj Cessna 172

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What even is this? 😂


There is a lot of wind in Germany today, in Erfurt it’s like this right now:

EDDE Erfurt-Bindersleben Germany 28 44 9999 12/1 29.26 EDDE 041320Z 23028G44KT 9999 VCSH SCT044 12/01 Q0991 NOSIG

I flew there before with the 747 and after with the C172…well with the 747 it was just little bumpy but landing was manageable ( will post a video of it, the winds where even worse with gusts up to 60 knots ) … but with the Cessna …that ended not very well 😉

I can land on my roof, many times. Usually in a spitfire, but I have achieved it in other small aircraft. Its not worth trying to do, you get violations for doing acrobatics near an airfield.

Except when you are doing it on solo :)


Haha! I LOVE it!
We need more of these around here.
@MrMrMan @AdmiralsAlliance @Omar_DeWindt @mwe2187 check that one out


Good one 😂. Please do more of these and share them here :) .


Definitely. @infiniteflight_17 you have a meme idea here 👌🏻

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Walking to parking im dead xD

I was actually recently in a situation where I was almost ghosted but it WASN’T my fault. You see I fly every day on the bus to and from school (twice a day) but once ATC requested me maintain 3,000ft on approach, I replied saying I would but then the bus started braking heavily and stopped forcing me to tilt the aircraft down and so I lost a few hundred feet. ATC then told me to listen to their instructions or I would be ghosted. Was there any way I could help this situation? And if anyone is wondering I did get to just before touchdown… when my phone crash:(


First I thought: You must have really rich parents, flying on the bus to school… of course I thought you mean an Airbus …and that 2 times daily… maybe in a corporate 319 ;) Hm when you say it wasn’t your fault then shout to the bus driver next time …like I shouted to the wind gust that flipped me over… honestly I think ATC can not care always about what caused some situations. you should maybe not play online in a vehicle that is moving and in my case they would have just thought how stupid can someone be to go flying in winds that blow faster then the Cessna can fly :) Just do it like I did…play on solo in situations like this then the bus driver can do power drifts and in my case the wind can blow as strong as it can to help me with my morning aerobatics…but both can happen without us getting ghosted :)

Pure comedy😂. Very creative @Lufthansa061.

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This post definitely gave me a little chuckle 😂

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