Follow all ATC instructions

So me and one of my crew were controlling at the GCC sectors, he was OMDB TWR/GND and I was Emirates_CTR and the transition altitude is 5000ft and all departing traffic is and was instructed to climb to 5000ft and contact Emirates CTR (Transition ALT is the minimum ALT Incas of an emergency), but I see almost all pilots ignoring it and climbs direct to there cruising ALT and by doing that it will be hard to separate planes who are on departure role and from arriving aircrafts so as an Air Traffic Controller to all pilots out there please when the ATC gives you an ALT to climb or Descend to or any other instructions please do what they say as you will make our lives much more harder if you ignored us as what happened today where I told an arriving aircraft to descend to 3000ft for RWY 30L and they ignored me and stayed at 4000ft and over shot the RWY so you should listen to us ATC more and I am not saying all pilots ignore us but there are like 46% who just ignores us and as an ATC observer with 2K hrs of experience (Not on IF), and 1.9K ops I see this a lot so let’s try to get this number to 12% shall we.

Side note idk if the ATC category is the right place to post this.


@DXB226… MaxSez: Your Gripe Noted. Suggest you discuss this matter within Staff circles by PM.
Posting your dis-satisfaction here has no value.
This issue is a “Staff” problem to resolve well beyond your good offices.
I fell yr pain move on!


As much I sympathize for you because I know your pain, but unfortunately that’s the TS. You’re only going to be encouraged to become IFATC on ES where you’ll have control of your airspace and report if needed. On TS if they don’t listen multiple times I just ignore them and let them be. If they overshoot the runway that’s on them we can only do so much to help. It’s up to them (the pilot) to listen and follow ATC instructions. I would recommend opening smaller hubs, as in my experience they attract pilots who are more likely to listen to you. Avoid DXB, LHR, LAX, JFK at all costs as that’s where most the bad apples are likely to spawn imo.


Well, that’s training server for you.
You could alternatively open up an ATC tracking thread and ask people from the community to join. That way you get feedback, and much, much lesser troll behaviour.
If you don’t already know how to do that, here’s an excellent explanation:


Yeh I herd of IFATC but I have a lot of violations because my little bro used to take my iPad and fly online without me knowing then after a hour I come back to see 40 violations 😂😂 so I am still working on lowering that to get back to G3 then I can apply to IFATC

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You post your dissatisfaction all the time why is it different fir this bloke and not you. ?


you can try to join IFATC to control in ES .

Oh you can rack up violations like it’s nothing I’ve been there before brother, I sympathize for you too😅, but what I mean is getting reported (Ghosted) by ATC 6 times in one year. That’s just an insane number to me considering there are tons of pilots who’ve been flying for years and haven’t received 1 report at all EVER.

You need to chill. They are new to the IFC, they probably don’t know how to report trolls or how PMs even work.Take a chill pill and learn how to not be rude sometimes. Your posts when your rude are way disappointing, especially as an older member of the community. Your attitude to new users is really disrespectful as they don’t know how to do things like reporting bad pilots to staff and stuff.



I appreciate your frustration but the training server is there for everyone to learn from and hopefully provide a stepping stone for the expert server. Keep working at getting your violations down and hopefully we can see you in IFATC some day!

Once you do start the process to join then start a tracking thread as recommended above to get some pilots to come and fly under your control.