Follow aircraft on your right / left option

Today I was going an evening session at KLAX controlling ground, and found this.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me show you.

I noticed that on the progressive taxi page there is only a “follow aircraft ahead” option and I figured why isn’t there a follow aircraft on your right or left command?

Why do we need this?

We need this feature because whenever you instruct an aircraft to follow an aircraft on their left or right we have to do four commands.! First you say “Expect progressive taxi instructions” then you say “Turn right / left on the next taxiway” then you say “Turn right / left on the next taxiway” then finally after that you have to say “Follow aircraft ahead”. This takes a lot of time! I figured it would be easier to just say one command to follow the aircraft of your right / left.

Thanks for reading! :)
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I dont think this is necessary. If an airport is so busy for that the controller probably only has ground and not tower. If thats the case they should have plenty of time to do progressive taxi. Also if you want this for training server its kind of pointless because no one will listen.

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You can use progressive taxi instructions to get them behind the aircraft they want to follow then use follow aircraft ahead

This is exactly what I said.


It doesnt take that much time imo. Just a couple menus

It just isn’t that much work where its necessary. also vote for your own request:)

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Wow, I almost forgot thanks.

But when you are at a busy airport, let’s say EGLL there are a bunch of people requesting pushback, taxi. etc and when you are trying to have somebody follow an aircraft on their left or right it’ll take some time as it will take time for them to turn on a taxiway, people will get impatient (especially if you are on TS) and will taxi or pushback with out permission and can be really bad.

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Well I’m sorry to say but that’s just training server for you. :)

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At this point you would tell someone to ‘Give way’ then a follow aircraft ahead. Follow aircraft commands are rarely used anyway.

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What about in expert server? IFATC uses it a lot, at a FNF it could be nice to have something like this which will take less time.

I agree. When I’m controlling ground in ES the only commands i really use are hold position and give way to deconflict stuff.

By the way, if you are an IFATC member why don’t you put that in the VO section on your profile? :)

Huh. It was there but knows its gone. @Ecoops123 is IFATC and he does not have it

Well that was just a recommendation.

I’ve only heard this twice on the ES during my 4,500 hours on it, and haven’t yet used it as ATC since it’s all been give way to aircraft ahead/left/right the let them taxi without bugging them. Any who this isn’t a request to cause an argument. Constructive criticism is always a great thing. I see what you’re requesting in hindsight, but on the whole I feel it wouldn’t change an effect on controlling.


Good point.

When two or more aircrafts are heading to the same runway, I use follow aircraft ahead. But sometimes I don’t use it