Fokker F27 Friendship

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Today I am requesting the absolute classic turboprop airliner…

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The Fokker F27 Friendship

The Fokker F27 was designed by Fokker, a Dutch aerospace manufacturer that produced aircraft from 1912 till its bankruptcy :( in 1996. The F27 was designed as a direct replacement for the popular Douglas DC-3s made available en masse following World War 2, the development started in the early 1950’s and by late 1955 the first F27 prototype took to the skies, and in 1958 the first F27 Friendship was delivered to Irish airline, Aer Lingus. Orders slowly trickled in but by the 1960’s the superiority over the piston-engined DC-3 was clear and larger orders became common. Around this time Fairchild Aircraft came into agreement with Fokker to began producing the F-27 across the pond in the United States creating what is known as the Fairchild F-27 and Fairchild would later stretch the base F27 into the Fairchild F-227, both with minor improvements here and there, by the end of the F27’s production run just under 600 Fokker aircraft would be completed with a farther 200 completed by Fairchild. The Fokker F27 Friendship was replaced by the F50/F60 in Fokker’s lineup which was produced until Fokker’s demise.


The Fokker F27 came in two main variations…

The F27-100 to 400 featuring the basic 77 foot fuselage along with other minor differences

The F27-500 featuring the F-227’s stretched 82 foot fuselage


I’m kinda sad about IFs lack of Fokker aircraft and rn we can change that! Anyway, I really love this classic European turboprop, and I hope you do too!

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We need this for this reason:


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It is definitely on the wish list…🤞

Ok me likey

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Thank you! 🙏

As a Dutchman, I am tempted to add my vote for this one.
But I’d rather see the IF effort going to the Q400…

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Well, there is always later! But thanks for the support 😊

Haha Rolls-Royce Dart engines go eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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If this comes, I want to see the Finnair livery


Rolls-Royce Dart’s do be screaming lol 😆

Thank you for the support! I haven’t seen the Finnair livery on a F27 till now and I got to be honest, it is just perfect 👌

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I agree😂 It looks wonderful in my opinion

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I just wanna say thanks to everyone that voted, three votes in 24h may not seem like much, but it’s a start! and for my one of my first requests it is amazing 🙏🥰

Good looking plane tbh, voted :)

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Thank you! 😊

Today is the inaugural, newly named Fokker Friday!!

cheering noises

Today’s spotlight is a Cubana de Aviación Fokker F27, specifically CU-T1292…

Photo Credits: Graham Dinsdale @

CU-T1292 Is pictured here at Havana’s main airport, José Martí International Airport, Cubana’s main hub, behind CU-T1292 is a unidentified Cuban registered Antonov AN-24 variant, but now back the the F27…

CU-T1292 was built in 1969 as a Fokker F27-600 Friendship, first registered as PK-GFI and delivered to Garuda Indonesia where the aircraft was named “Gulanggung”. after what appears to be a decent length stay with the Indonesian carrier, the F27-600 departed in 1977 bound for Spanish airline Aviaco where she would be re-registered as EC-DBM , she would serve with the regional Spanish carrier till 1994 when she was sold to Cubana de Aviación and ferried across the Atlantic, she would be re-re-registered to the pictured CU-T1292 and would serve the Caribbean carrier until April 1998 when she was broken up :( ending her 29 year long career…

Thank you for making it this far, it turns out it’s hard to trace a random regional airliner across the globe for 29 years, so this is about all the info I could track down… if I missed anything that you yourself find out, don’t be afraid to tell me because I’m interested too lol

I plan on doing this weekly or biweekly, so if you have any suggestions, DM me and I can do them :)

Thanks a lot, and don’t forget to vote ;)

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The story of the Dutch turboprop

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Another F-27 in the beautiful “retro” Luxair paint 😍

Photo Credits: Graham Dinsdale @