Fokker F-27 Friendship


Surprised a topic for this aircraft has not been made.

Gorgeous little Dutch airplane.

Some livery ideas:

KLM (Looks gorgeous in this livery)
NLM (Looks gorgeous in this livery)
FedEx (Mountain Air Cargo)
PIA (Great livery too)
Aer Lingus
Hughes Airwest


I prefer the Dash-8, but this is also a good idea. :)


turbo prop planes would be cool.


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My god the NWA Airlink Fokker F-27 is gorgeous. Never occurred to me that they operated the friendships… I would love this in either Orient or the all-red scheme



-Trans Australian Airlines
-Ansett Australia


What about VLM?


I would love to see classic planes like this perhaps one or two military liveries like on the C208 would be nice as well😄.