Fokker 70 and Qantas special livery!

Hey guys!

Just decided to stop by the airport for an hour as Wellington International had two very special aircraft inbound and I anyways had to drop my dad at the airport. I used on one of my favourite locations, Bridget street which has a little hill west of the runway. 16 was active allowing for some great closeups and touchdown shots!

Please do leave any feedback, and let me know what you think of my shots!

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SIN_6144 SIN_6190 SIN_6204


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Great Photos Mate! Amazing talent you got!

That special Qantas rubber shot is nice!

Thanks man!

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Cheers man! Means a lot!

Amazing photography! I love photo 4 in particular though…

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Thank you! I liked that as well (;

I never actually knew Jetstar had Q400s😂

Love especially the last pic, nice to see the Fokker still flying…we saw them a lot here in Germany, from Austrian and KLM. According airfleets there were only 47 ever produced ( never knew this, I thought they were produced in the hundreds ) , 27 are still in active service and the one in your picture is 23.4 years old :)

That all black Air New Zealand livery though…Beautiful…hehe.

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That shot of ZK-OAB is amazing

JetStar uses Q400s for Domestic New Zealand Travel

Nice pictures!

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Wow didn’t know Wellington get Aliance Fokker 70’s, and arn’t those Jetstar Dash 8’s just beautiful, I’m dying to see one in RL

Nice shots dude 🤙

Can’t agree with you more mate! Those Jetstar Dash 8’s are Beau-ti-ful!

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Not Q400’s, Q300’s (;

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Woah, she’s an old one! It was great to see it!

Lucky charter (;. And yeah, the Jetstar Q300’s are fabulous! Probably my favourite q300 livery!

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Connor, I expect better xD

Thanks dude!

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It sure is!