Fokker 100 uses the whole runway length to rotate

Here you can see this Helvetic Airways Fokker 100 rotating after the other runway threshold.

Must have been horrific for the pilots using 2500 meters or 8000 feet of runway prior to rotation.

I would have done it in my pants as a passenger


‘I just couldn’t get the little fokker off the ground.’


Runway thresholds are included in TORA distances. This take-off was absolutely normal.
Calculations aren’t done for nothing, the calculated take-off run distance was within runway limitations. Nothing horrific here.


They paid for the whole runway, they use whole runway


Well, I don’t find it okay, because if they had to cancel the takeoff at high speed (before V1) that wouldn’t have been possible. They used about 2400 metres prior to rotation and that doesn’t sound well when you know the whole runway length is only 2500 metres. My own opinion

Let me rephrase what Axel said, as long as they didn’t overshoot the runway, it seems like a normal departure :)


That’s correct. Actually if not for pointing it out it looks a bit normal to me in truth


I don’t think you understand the meaning of ‘V1’.
V1 is the maximum speed at which a rejected takeoff can be initiated, in the event of an emergency. If a RTO is initiated before V1, the plane will stop within runway limitations.

The calculation of V1 is quite complex and can change from aircraft to aircraft. However it takes several factors into account: weight, braking performances, runway conditions and limitations, weather, field elevation…


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