Foggy Mountain Tops

How did I get this photo? Well here are the steps:

  • Find a airpot where Mountains are around SCEL there are beautiful mountains…

  • Next fly over the mountains…

  • After you have flown over the mountains, exit the game and head over to the replays…

  • Once in replay load up the ‘flight‘ you have just completed and move the replay bar closer to where the Mountains are …

  • Final Step: once in a appropriate position press options and it gives you options to control the winds, visibility etc. Move the visibility bar to low (personal preference) and once you find the right spot : TAKE THE SCREENSHOT 🔥

Reply with your best ones! 🙏
Hope this helped - Moonis


Awesome shot.

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Why did you reply to the post after two months? But still cool pictures!

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juan replied to this topic after 2 months becaus that is an

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thanks everyone

thank you :)

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