Foggy Logan airport photos [KBOS]

Went to drop off relatives who are headed to Los Angeles, CA. The airport was shrouded in fog. Terminal E was FULL. Planes such as Emirates, British airways, Qatar, Japan air, and others were parked at the stands.


I didn’t realize it was that bad. The fog is unreal, though.

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Yeah. Terminal E is undergoing an Expansion to accommodate up to three airbus A380’s.

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I know. Chat in PM, though.

What day was this? It was a 1/4 mile visibility here at PHL yesterday

Nice pics!

Is anything still landing in that?

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Today. I went to drop off my mom and her parents (well, my dad was driving :3.) as they’re going to LAX.

Yes. You can check Flightaware, says that it’s on time.

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Thats my home airport

The weather was terrible…

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