Foggy fly-in @ EGLC - 052000ZSEP16

In London it is cloudy which I think will be fun
Server: training server 1
NOTAM: COPY MY FPL a320 fan speedbird 319 8000feet 260KTS

The title should be Foggy fly-in @ EGLC - 052000ZSEP16 then it will show up on IF!

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Thanks qasw

Tomorrow, correct?

No probs needs the hyphon between EGLC and 05 then it will work :)

Today it is

@A320fan I fixed the title for you. Please don’t change it back. Thanks! :)

Also 260kts at 8000ft is overspeed needs to be 250kts or below

Sure, I’ll come

I’ll be there.

8000feet and your going 260kts I don’t think so

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lol thats what i though

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I’m here ready for the event, but nobody else is here…

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