Foggy Flight To KORD

Today I did this night flight from KATW-KORD on a CRJ-200. I did this flight because I’m my subscription has ended and I made this topic:

@TaipeiGuru gave me a idea to give

KATW[Appleton International] some love

Aircraft: CRJ-200



FT: 1H/02MN

Here are they, note I did change the time of day and visibility

Parked At Appleton

Delayed 45MN due to low visibility therefore I parked at a stand. After the 45MN we got cleared to proceed to “Bravo 6” And takeoff

Cruising Near Oshkosh

Approach for Runway 28R

Final 28R

Soft landed it



Why was my post included in this?

Sorry just got the link from the post and I don’t know why it was included

Don’t sweat it I was confused.