Foggy DFW Spotting

Hey guys… I went plane spotting this past Saturday (January 8th) at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The weather conditions weren’t the best, but I thought I could get some pretty cool wing condensation shots. Turns out, my poor camera can’t handle low light 😌
So, enjoy these shots from afar, and do not zoom in on them, thank you

First up, an American Airlines A321 (N155NN) touching down on 18R.

N425AN lining up on 18L heading out to LAX, a popular A321NEO route.

An Alaska Airlines E175 (N183SY) coming in from Seattle.

UPS 747-8F waiting at the cargo ramp, it’s #3 engine was getting worked on at the time.

A retro livery Piedmont A319 in from Colorado Springs, CO.

A black tail Mesa Airlines (N939LR) landing in the low visibility conditions.

Lastly, this A330-300 (D-AIKO) operated by the German flag carrier, Lufthansa, diverted to DFW on its way to Houston Intercontinental.

Camera used: Nikon B600

How are my pictures getting? Hopefully not worse but uh- Thanks for viewing this topic!


Nice pictures!

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Ah, thanks :)

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Awesome shots!

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thanks! hope you liked them

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Awesome pictures I was there the day prior

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I like the pictures so much! Especially when there is foggy and rainy weather

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Are you aware of where you are? 😂

Tell someone to do something and they’re gonna do the complete opposite…welcome to the IFC lol

i know it was sarcasm ;( im really bad at that lol

Oh nice

Hehe yeah really like those things that come off the wingtips

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