Foggy cockpit when low visibility?


I presume this is a bug? Haven’t tried in other aircraft.



Hi! I’ve had this before, all I had to do was clear my scenery cache and exit the flight and go back in!

Awesome, thanks! I’ll give that a go now. :)

Nope, still facing the issue :(

No worries! If that doesn’t work, try exiting the game fully by closing the app and reloading

Nope, that didn’t work either.

Could you try deleting the app and redownloading?

Is your visibility low?

Yep, 100 metres.

Already did that however it did not fix it.

It used to happen to me, are you on solo or live?

Move your visibility to 50km

Also is it just on one aircraft or is it on others? Try the A320 for example

Solo, don’t have live.

But I’d like to fly in bad conditions :/

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Okay, I’ll do that.

Edit: Yep, only on the 737! Looks fine on the 787.

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Some planes like the 777 do that occasionally. Your best bet is to turn th fog or temp up.

Lol a fire

Wait what? 787 perhaps? 😂

Yep, my bad! Sorry

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