Foggy Approach

Yes, I’m back with another spotting topic at Los Angeles but this time instead of multiple planes it is only one. I happened to find a picture of an Aeroflot 777-300ER arriving back when they used to operate to Los Angeles before everything going on today. Hope you enjoy these pictures!

Coming into visibility

Emerging from the fog

Front and center

Coming in for a landing

Butter landing as it vanishes once again in the fog

Thanks for viewing!


is that


when did you take these lol

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In 2020, I said it above

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ahhhh ok
sorry i didnt see that lol


Foggy weather is a hard situation. Pilots must be congatulated. Even car drivers cannot understand what to do when there is foggy weather conditions.🗻

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To be fair car drivers also don’t have instruments such as ILS at their disposal which can facilitate more than just bad visibility

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true. landing an airplane is honestly a daunting task in general.

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I love how planes land into fog! It so cool!:D Nice photos

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