Fog should have an option to be disabled

So today I was flying a pretty standard route from Karachi (OKPC) to Dubai (OMDB) but I soon realized after takeoff that the fog that surrounded Karachi would completely obstruct my view of the scenery. This basically made half the flight just flying through a white haze.

(Sorry for the crappy photo quality)

I know that fog is a part of the realism but so are the clouds. And those have a feature to be disabled in Live. So there should really be a toggle similar to that for the visibility settings. I know this is just a small quality of life feature but it would make the flight experience a little more enjoyable especially in foggy parts of the world like the Indian subcontinent. However, if you disagree I totally understand.

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I honestly find it fun flying in hard IFR conditions. It presents a super amazing challenge.

There’s always solo mode, if you don’t like the real-world weather.


It’s called you don’t fly where there is fog. Besides, you are above the fog so why do you care?

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You can eliminate the fog in the replay if you want to see the scenery and take screenshots. Fog can’t be disabled in live because you can’t turn off the weather IRL.

Maybe I’ll make a feature request for a giant fan at major airports to blow the fog away.


In my opinion, I definitely agree with @CaptainSooraj. I really enjoy the challenge of flying into low-visibility.

Something that makes the Live Servers unique is that the weather mirrors real life. Enabling a feature to eliminate the possibility of having correct visibility levels as you suggested would heavily decrease realism. If flying in low-visibility under IFR conditions is something you’re interested in learning how to do, I definitely recommend checking out this thread about how to file IFR approaches Approach Filing Tutorials (Part 3) , along with the other parts to DeerCrusher’s tutorial. If you have any further questions about IFR flying or approach types, please be sure to let me know! Cheers!


Thanks for the further help however what I was trying to say in this post is that fog is obstructive at higher altitudes. I love doing an approach in very low visibility as it changes up how you land with a much higher reliance on instruments.

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Also IF Pilots: I don’t want the fog and clouds in the sky, I want to see the scenery.

This community is nuts and I love it. The fog and clouds at cruise are to be expected, it’s what our world is made up of. If it’s really inconveniencing you that much, fly on solo.


Try flying a SID in fog, you’ll realise it’s way more challenging too!!

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Other flight simulators offer that option so it’s not an unreasonable request. More suited for a feature request in #features though. I can’t find the quote but the devs have said their goal for the clouds is to have them synced to the real-time weather as well.

Feature request