Fog not showing

Hi all, I hope everybody’s doing good today.
I’ve come to reach out with a quick question about the fog and how it shows up in game. Recently, when I’ve been climbing out of low visibility airports, I haven’t been seeing the fog covering the ground at a higher cruising altitude. I’ll attach a picture on here of what I used to see while flying. Now there is no fog unless I’m on the ground in a low visibility area.

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Hello! This is a known issue and I believe fixes are in the works.

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Awesome! I’ve been seeing some people that still have the fog but I haven’t had it for a while.

Yes I think it’s just having a play around with graphics a ton from all I can see and read.

Ooh! My favorite. I’ve been getting reduced vis while approaching just none of the fog while cruising overhead

I really miss a good low vis approach, its been a long time since its broken


It’s annoying will agree, just a beautiful approach, especially into Santiago today, then the 1 mile visibility fog appears as soon as you’re off the runway 😂

Well it’s always glad to know something is in the works.


Same here, I used to see fog a lot, but I haven’t seen fog in the last year or so, I’ve even gone to low vis airports for this reason: to get fog!

Me too! There were lots of t-storms around my region a few days ago and I spawned in just to grab some of the weather to see if stuff would work!

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If any staff member sees this, it would be nice to get an update about this issue because its an essential feature of IF. Especially as a pilot who enjoys flying in challenging weather

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I’m afraid I can’t give you an update (for I am not staff), but I can try to give you a workaround. The current issue is that the fog does render, but only after being in the vicinity of an airport for some time. If you want to experience the fog, try overflying the airport at a low altitude (if arriving into an airport) prior to landing. You should see the fog then. I know it’s not ideal but it’s the only solution (albeit temporary) to the issue.


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