Fog not showing up at high altitudes?

Hey guys,

I seem to be experiencing a little problem. So when I put fog to the lowest in settings, I can’t seem to see the log at high altitudes.

It should look like this:

Credit to @TRIavgeekMandy

While it looks like this for me:

Yes, the fog works at Low altitudes, but only for a few thousand feet, then The fog disappears.

My graphics are suitable for my device, I’ve cleared scenery cache and my device is an Iphone 7+ And internet is good.

Btw this is on Solo with non-sub.

Is there anyway to fix this issue?

A simple search shows that many people have issues with fog. Try Fog is not rendering

I’ve tried restarting my phone, however i can’t go into live as I don’t have a sub.

I can’t help You then. Try searching around in #support. Try fiddling with visibility, graphics and other settings.

I have, I searched a lot of topics but they don’t seem to help a lot.

I will try switching the graphics.

Try lowering temperature as much as you can :)

Aha! I turned the graphics to high and it works!

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Don’t even have a fog setting?

It’s called visibility

Haha alright - just I thought I read about a fog setting in the post

Glad it worked!

Have a nice day!

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