Fog in IF

I just took off from San Diego and just noticed there is lots of fog there. I am curious if this is new because since global came out I have never seen fog.

I departed from that area this morning and the fog was heavy then too. ;)


Yeah, I have not seen fog there or anywhere else in IF since global came out. This is great if there is because I love landing in fog.

There was fog in older versions, although FDS improved it significantly with global.

Agreed, this goes to show that the Infinite Flight Team is hard at work optimizing the experience for us.


i am taking a look at San Diego now as I have not seen fog yet

It was a moderate amount with around 4-6 km visibility I would say.

yes it is very foggy i am flying through it now

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the fog literally just disappeared all of it

That certainly is strange.

Fog has always been in IF. Good visibility airports have green dots on the map, medium visibility airports have grayish dots, and bad visibility have red dots.

You can also adjust your visibility in solo

Here’s a neat read regarding what you were expierencing there in California. Topic regarding the Marine Layer published by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).




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