Fog glitch

I departed in OMDB with normal fog and for the duration of the flight the fog has been following the whole time. OMDB fog was 8KM and as i reached cruise the fog did not change even when I arrived in VRMM. Is there anyway to fix?

Edit: I asked some people near me if there scenery was fog , from them it was clear so it was only me with foggy scenery.

Are you in solo? Or online?

Playing on multiplayer

First and foremost assuming that you were unintentionally flying in independent you might have changed your perceivability settings or on the other hand in the event that you were flying in a functioning multiplayer server Dubai has minor dust storms I as of late headed out to Dubai 3 weeks prior and there were small dust storms I’m saying this since, in such a case that alludes to genuine arranges like runway change and current time and weather.

Yes but the fog I am currently having wont disappear and its a glitch I have had for a bit of time now.
It wont change .

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Sand storms are everyday here in Dubai

They last long

But does the sand storms in dubai reach to maldives and sri lanka? Because in IF they seem to reach that far of a place

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Now that’s not a sand storm was hat just probably ceiling weather

Couldnt be since I was the only person having fog In the group flight the others had clear sky.

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Next time try restarting your mobile device

On a flight? No way.

I think he means restart your device before you begin your flight.

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Been doing that already

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no beforehand

did u try uninstalling and reinstalling

Were you getting any abnormal alarms which can be found top right of your screen?
I happened to me one day, I was getting a very poor connection and the weather did not change during the whole flight.

Connections are ok

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Yes I do that

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It only happens once in a awhile so wont be neccesary