Fog glitch?

I was just having fun flying on solo imitating a dolphin, but with fog instead of water. (Might sound dumb, but I always wanted to try😂)

Anyway when I was at exactly half under the fog and half over it, i noticed these really weird circles. Does anyone know what they are? Does it have to do with how it renders?

Also I have a second question. At what height does the fog stop? I used to be able to take nice screenshots with the valleys full of fog, but now the fog goes over the top of the mountain…

Here are some screenshots:

It’s not an issue, just curiosity and also a question about how high the fog goes.


Idk really, but the photo’s look like you broke the sound barrier or something.

But I’ve heard that the fog stops after 4000ft MSL. ( might be totally wrong though )

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I think I had broken it a while before taking the screenshot. A long while… don’t know if it would affect it though.

I do remember it was a certain height not sure if it was that low though… also I was at fl 330 so I really don’t know what was going on…

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First, that looks awesome! Second, it probably has to do with the rendering, like you said. The game probably doesn’t know if you are above the fog layer, or inside it so maybe it renders both at the same time? I’m not sure.


Try doing yourself and go in free cam. It looks even better! If you go in replay and move the camera over the plane, the circles will change shape and move accordingly. It looks really cool!

I’ll get a screenshot for you.

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Ok I just did some of my own testing, and now I’ve got a better understanding. In the normal sky, there are the same circles you described, even without the fog.

Once you transition to the fog layer, the fog is forming between you and the sky, and must also be rendered in circles.

My conclusion is that this is how the game was made, and it’s how the game renders. I don’t think it’s a glitch at all, but rather just rendering.


That sounds right. I hadn’t thought of it…

But why does it do weird shapes like this?

Also about the altitude is it normal to have fog so high?

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I tested it out in Houston, Texas, and when I reached the top of the fog layer I was around 2,100MSL.

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That’s weird I was over the Swiss alps at about 33’000 ft…(msl)

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Wow! It almost certainly has to do with the mountains. Houston is completely flat, so the fog layers are low. I’ve never been to the Alps, so I can’t say how high the fog goes there, but it’s probably high like you said.

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It didn’t used to be that high though… a few days ago (on solo) I managed to take this screenshot. (Same place)

Now the fog is higher than the mountains 😞

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Are the weather conditions the same?

Yep I only changed the visibility. I tried to reproduce the photo I took last time, but whatever I put as visibility it didn’t change. (It stayed too high)

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The visibility change is most likely what caused that. I’ll try for myself. What airport is nearest there?

Lsgg for a big one. Lsgs for a small military and private one.
Or bex airport (forgot the ICAO…)

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Ok I got mixed results. I went up to 22,000MSL, and adjusted the visibility. I went straight to 100m visibility, and this is the result.

Then, I started flying normally for a few seconds, and then there was a complete whiteout. You couldn’t even see your own wing.

Now I’m thinking this may be a bug. I still can’t be sure though.


So basically the height was normal for a few seconds and all of a sudden it rose way too high. Right?

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Yes, exactly that. No warning whatsoever.

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Weird let’s see if a mod knows. The weird thing is that a few days ago it was fine…

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