Fog effects at certain flight levels/position only

Right now, if there is fog (or clouds) at FL040 to FL050, for example, and we are at FL030, we would see a clean sky, when between FL040 and FL 050, foggy, and above FL050 we would be able to see the ground clearly. In other scenario, I am approaching an airport and can clearly see the runway, but as I get closer the fog effect appears.

If possible, it could be used to simulate clouds too. Flying below we would see a white foggy sky, inside the clouds we would have the 100ft visibility effect and above we would see the blue sky but no ground.

My question is: Is it possible to make the effects mentioned above without killing performance?

This is not a feature request… Yet.


Interesting idea. Not sure what it would require from the devs’ standpoint though.

I was soooooo incredibly close to moving this to features XD

Not yet hahaha, let’s see If it is practicable first

We already have this sorta, you can climb out of fog

Yes, but If you look down you would be able too see the ground, just like the fog disappeared magically.

This has been answered somewhere in the forum by a dev but i would love them to refresh the answer…flying at FL410 with a visibilty of around 25-30 best during evenings gives one a feeling of flying above some sort of “light overcast clouds”


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