Fog does not render when approaching and landing on an airport

So can someone help me fix this problem which pops up when approaching and landing on an airport whose METAR clearly shows extremely low visibility but in my device the fog just dont appear, it does appear though after I’ve landed. Whereas if i take off from an airport with low visibility the fog is always present. Any tips how tackle this? And i hope this gets fixed soon


I am sorry to say that it is a known issue which currently does not have a fix. However, developers are aware of it and will fix it in a near future

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I believe the developers have found a fix or a fix is being implemented, once clouds are introduced into the simulator, in a future update. I remember hearing about this issue being mentioned on one of the live broadcast videos, the staff/devs saying that is was being addressed and would be fixed in an update in the future. We will just have to wait and see.


Ok , hope it gets fixed the earliest 😣

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