Fog bug fix?

Has the fog bug been fixed. If not any plans on fixing it. It’s really annoying.

You mean when the fog stays for the entire flight? If so not sure. I’ve just took off from New Delhi and the visibility was low, I’m now at FL350 and no fog in sight :)

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Yea I mean that one. I think I’m having that bug right now

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Where are you?

Wait I’m no I think I was just foggy I think they fixed it but we will see so mods pls don’t close

Are in a flight now or just on the ground?

I’m flight

Okay, any fog appearing? Once I took off, the fog started to go, a few thousand feet above the airport and hasn’t returned.

Well I’m at FL360 and the fog is still here

Hopefully this helps: Visibility does not change - #2

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What did you mean by this then?

Oh ok thanks so it’s been noted I guess they can close this now

Bc it went away but then it came back

Thanks Kyle :)

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