Fog at night

I am probably not the only one who’s noticed this. Ever since Global came out, when it’s foggy at night in the sim, the fog doesn’t show up. However, when I switch time to noon, it shows up.
Is there a reason why it does this? Will it be fixed/added soon? IMO, it would be cool to see it added to make the sim even more realistic. Thanks!


You of all people should know this belongs in #features… You even have the TL2 status to do so.

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I don’t want to make a request, as it isn’t super important to me. And, the point of this thread was to ask the question.


He’s just asking a question…


Looks like a feature request based on this.

This is a simple Question, not a feature request ;). Remember maintaining a humble attitude is great in whatever situation you are in.


Let’s stop arguing wether it’s in feature or not

I noticed that too. I think it’s just a visual effect, but I’m not sure at all. Would like to know too.

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I’ve gotten fog at night at Amsterdam


I haven’t experienced fog at nighttime yet so I am not sure. However the 5 hours after sunset it’s really hard to see anything in IF as everything is almost pitch black. Did you try and see if the fog was visible around 2AM?

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