Fog appearance

The Fog is still only appearing seconds before touchdown. I thought this was fixed in the new update? Where we could see the fog from miles above an airport? I only encounter fog when landed. Anyone that has the same issue or knows whats up?


It seems pretty good on my end. Might have something to do with Rendering settings, but if don’t know.

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All my settings are on high.

Are you sure that you have updated the application to version 20. 2?

Yes, just did my first flight from LTBA to EHAM with the reworked 777.

Ok, just to make sure.

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The higher I go the clearer the ground gets. Even if the visibility is 5km

You are online correct?

This was on the live servers if that’s what you mean?

Hmm weird this doesn’t happen for me.

It has happened to me before

Could it be for that flight, you had moved far enough toward a direction where the local weather was clearer, so you experienced the algorithm’s transition a bit abruptly?

Been wondering about that, cause I haven’t even come across the said fog rework, only hazes at certain low altitude, could it be that our devices handle that differently…?

Anybody knows a perpetual foggy airport to test a flight?

I noticed the same issue. I suspect the weather updates shortly before touchdown causing the fog to only then appear. Not sure why the fog disappears at higher altitudes though. I played around with the settings but that didn’t work either

Thanks for all the reaction guys, hopefully a mod will take a look. Going to be awnsering tomorrow again.

Glad I’m not the only one.

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