Fog Altitude Limit?

Is there a limit of how high the fog can be? I sometimes cruise at 28,000 and the sky around me is white, and now blue.

Red sky in morning sailor take warning, Red Sky at night sailors delight! Now a white sky stumps me but a blue sky that what I call a great VFR Day…
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(fog will disparate at the inversion layer! Basic WX science see wiki)


Do you mean in IF? IF live mode just updates the current weather to the real world METAR data of the nearest airfield (if you fly within a certain distance). Unfortunately, the only weather capabilities IF has is temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and visibility. It just sets these for the entire atmosphere at all altitudes! As a result, if an airfield on the ground below you has 2 NM visibility, then even if you’re at FL400, you’ll only have 2NM visibility too!


shame it cant take into account cloud base / height so below a certain height have the Viz same as at closest METAR airport and above that level get lovely clear sky…


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That’s what I meant, thanks so much!